About ORO Pisco

ORO Pisco produces world class, award-winning pisco.

ORO’s dedication to quality and taste is reflected in how they carefully cultivate their six different varietals of pisco grapes in their own vineyards before making the wine and distilling it into pisco in their state-of-the-art facilities; facilities that rival most wineries in California’s wine country.

In addition to its production excellence, ORO stands out as one of the few bodegas producing perhaps the largest selection of pisco available. Unlike the majority of pisco blends available in the US, ORO crafts six different pisco puros made from single grape varietals that showcase each grape’s unique aromas and flavors. This complex collection ranges from the subtle notes of nuts and dark fruits found in the non-aromatic varietals like Quebranta and Negra Criolla, to the bolder and more fragrant floral characteristics of Italia and Torontel. ORO also produces an acholado blend of puros, along with a line of reserve mosto verdes that are distilled before fermentation completes.

Start your journey with details and tasting notes for our 11 different piscos.

For additional information about our line, visit the website of our Peruvian producer, Viñas de Oro.