The Pisco Book

The most comprehensive guide to pisco in the nation.

Geared toward the modern American cocktail enthusiast, The Pisco Book delights readers with pisco’s long and colorful history. Vibrant pictures and stories capture the fun, beauty, and passion of the land and people that give life to this multifaceted spirit. 

You’ll learn the dynamic elements of pisco’s story: the diverse range of approaches and styles that go into producing it, the legendary personalities who craft it, and the excitement among today’s leading mixologists.

You’ll hear the voices of renowned pisco producers and industry experts who share their personal ruminations about their connection to pisco. And you’ll discover the very rich historic connection between Peruvian pisco and San Francisco that began during the Gold Rush and which is undergoing a renaissance today.

We’ve also included nearly 50 spectacular pisco cocktail recipes from leading bar chefs/mixologists in the US and Peru!